Job description



www.sheffield.ac.uk Main duties


1. Pastoral Care Services

  • Maintain a presence during Freshers/Intro weekend to greet new arrivals and parents.

  • Participate in a "Welcome Meeting" at the beginning of Freshers/Intro Week and encourage residents to attend.

  • Be available to residents during published times of duty to advise or otherwise discuss, in confidence, any problems students may have.

  • Respond to urgent problems and emergencies as required, including formal periods of duty overnight and at weekends.

  • Liaise as appropriate with colleagues and the Senior Residential Officer to ensure continuity of care.

  • Follow the incident management procedure, ensuring that incidents are satisfactorily addressed and resolved.

  • Respond to welfare issues, and refer these onwards where appropriate, in accordance with predetermined channels of communication.

  • Follow procedures to ensure adequate communication with the students personal tutor at the University.

  • Follow all requirements in respect of student confidentiality including, but not necessarily limited to, those provided for in the Data Protection Act.


2. Social Activities 

  • Action programmes, under the direction of the Senior Residential Officer, for the delivery of social activities within accommodation.

  • Attend social events as and when required.


3. Discipline

  • Work with colleagues to prevent and respond to incidents of disorderly conduct, referring to Security Personnel and/or the Operations Manager as appropriate.

4. Other

  • Attend Meetings as required.

  • Undertake training as required for the effective discharge of duties.

  • Participate in the University Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS).

  • Any other reasonable duties as required.

End Results

  • Provide high quality pastoral care, as set out in departmental codes of practice.

  • Assist in the efficient operation of residence activities.

  • Uphold the University's disciplinary policy in respect of students.

  • Ensure an environment which allows the successful pursuit of learning and the personal and social development of students.